After-market or Factory? What to do About that Jeep Gladiator Speaker Upgrade

After-market or Factory? What to do About that Jeep Gladiator Speaker Upgrade

What would a back road adventure be without good music? All epic moments in life need a soundtrack, preferably without too much road noise. Most vehicle sound systems are not made to cancel out the noise of the highway. An after-market Jeep Gladiator speaker upgrade can solve this problem.

The inadequacy of standard factory car stereos

The reason why the stereo in your vehicle never seems to deliver a good,  consistent listening experience is because of size constraints. Speakers belonging to a quality, full-bodied sound system would take up far too much space to fit inside a car dashboard. The reason why they must be this big is so that they can deliver enough electrical current, or wattage, deliver robust sound. Even a factory Jeep Gladiator speaker upgrade, from the standard audio package to the high powered one, would be no fair match for a room full of free-standing speakers. Car companies responded by making speakers tiny enough to fit inside the standard size dashboard and doors, and did not pay much attention to audio quality. These miniaturized speakers would run on about one tenth of the wattage required for a home theatre system, which enabled the car listening experience to be notoriously feeble. Now there are better options out there.

Time for an upgrade

One option would be to go with an upgraded sound package offered by the manufacturer, like the Jeep Gladiator speaker upgrade, but this will have some limitations. Most factory upgrades consist of an increase in the size of the dashboard screen and an increase in the number of speakers. The benefit of such an upgrade is dubious at best. The larger the screen size on the dash, the less space becomes available to dedicate to the speakers, which means a reduction in wattage and sound quality. Also, moving from a five speaker system to a nine speaker one is unlikely to result in much more wattage. The speakers in the nine piece system will probably run on a reduced wattage per speaker compared with the speakers from the five piece system, so the overall increase in wattage and sound quality would be finite at best.

The best Jeep Gladiator speaker upgrade

The best option for a Jeep Gladiator speaker upgrade would be a free-standing amp and subwoofer that sit on top of the back seat behind the rear window. These are actually capable of delivering the wattage that a proper listening experience demands. Plus, why would you want a bigger dashboard display screen when all of your playlists are on your phone anyway? To make the soundtrack to your weekend adventure authentic, all you need is a smartphone and some good, heavy, free-standing speakers. Contact us to know more information.

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