How to Choose a Subwoofer Box Online

The sun is out and summer is finally here. You have the windows down, maybe the top and the doors are off your jeep wrangler. Cruising down the road with the music pumping is such a great feeling. Upgrading your OEM speakers to American Soundbar with (4) 8” speaker holes, (2-4) tweeters, and the best subwoofer box for Jeep Wrangler will ensure that you have the best sound—especially when going topless.

Size mattes when choosing your subwoofer box for a Jeep Wrangler.

Upgrading your OEM soundbar to American Soundbar will automatically increase the volume and quality of sound. Additionally, you can upgrade your subwoofer box at American Soundbar. To purchase your upgrades, you need to consider the size of the subwoofer box. This is not just for where to place your subwoofers; it is also for the sound that you want. You will need to ensure that the subwoofer box will fit where you want to place it.

Size also matters for the sound the system. When looking at size, bigger is not always better. When buying a subwoofer box for your jeep wrangler, if the box is too big, then it may be louder and may have more output at lower frequencies, but it also could lose both overall output and the extension of the frequency output. Smaller boxes will be able to hit more frequencies with crispness and clarity; however, if the box is too small, then there will be a loss of volume and bass. American Soundbar will ensure that you have the right size of subwoofer for your Jeep Wrangler.

Sealed or ported subwoofer box?

Ported or vented subwoofer boxes can often be seen in cars where the bass is rattling the mirrors off their car and the cars around them, but they still have great sound. A ported subwoofer box works like a pipe organ, resonating within the enclosure to cause more bass than one in a sealed subwoofer box can produce. There are some other advantages: because they are vented the air flow will cool the subwoofers quicker, and that air flow will allow your subwoofers to last longer than those in a sealed box. One setback is that the port needs to be tuned to ensure that they are capable of reproducing the lower frequencies that are often in high bass music. Ported and vented subwoofer boxes are often larger and may not fit in your Jeep Wrangler.

A JBL stage sealed enclosure is a good example of a subwoofer box for a Jeep Wrangler. A sealed subwoofer box is able to hit all the same frequencies as a ported subwoofer box, but it will have better sound quality. A sealed subwoofer box is not as loud; it focuses on making a “tight” quality sound. A sealed unit reproduces the same frequencies, but the box acts as a shock absorber, moving the subwoofers back and forth in a controlled manner and amplifying the sound as it comes out. Another advantage of a sealed subwoofer box is that they do not need to be tuned.

With an American Soundbar subwoofer box, you will have the quality of sound, the volume to ensure that even when topless your music can be heard, and the subwoofer box to provide the bass you desire.

For more information about purchasing the right upgrades for your Jeep Wrangler from RGB ring lights, upgrading to an American Soundbar, and upgrading the subwoofer box for a Jeep, click here.

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