Jeeps were originally designed for the military in World War II. They were used to transport officials around and to tow other vehicles. Later, they were even adapted to ride the rails and transport the injured. Civilian Jeep use began in 1942, and even today, Jeep rises to the toughest of occasions. Today’s Jeep drivers love the fact that this vehicle is as gutsy in an urban landscape as it is off road. But there is one thing all Jeep lovers can agree on – the factory sound system doesn’t give that full bodied audio experience they crave. That is why aftermarket sound systems for Jeeps are so popular. Here at American Soundbar, we have everything you need to kick sound systems for Jeeps into high gear.

The Jeep Wrangler is known for its sleek look as it is one of the best on and off-road vehicles. The interior is spectacular, the seats are comfortable, and modern conveniences such as the navigation system and stereo make it a no brainer. Even taller people are comfortable in the spacious interior. But what makes a Jeep the best vehicle to drive is the removable hard top panels and doors that when put back on, are watertight and are draft free. In the summer, it's easy to see yourself with the roof and doors off, wind blowing through your hair and the Jeep sound bar for Jeep Wrangler blasting your favorite tunes. It is a great way to spend the day.

Whether you are an audiophile (a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction) or a casual music lover, you will want to upgrade your sound bar for Jeeps. Jeeps need to have a loud sound, especially when cruising with the top off. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sound systems may become distorted when played too loud, and if the bass is cranked, the volume can conflict with the bass and not give premium sound. Upgrading a Jeep Wrangler soundbar to an American Soundbar product will give the best quality music when out in your Jeep. The American overhead soundbar features four eight-inch speakers and two to four tweeter holes. This customizable soundbar allows the add in of any eight-inch speaker. Upgrading the OEM soundbar to American Soundbar will increase the overall loudness of the audio sound.

After upgrading the OEM product to an American Soundbar for Jeeps, you should notice a difference immediately. Whether you are connecting via Bluetooth or listening to your favorite CD, the music should be clear even when cranked. The bass should be fuller and when driving topless, the music will sound crystal clear without distortion. There are other upgrades that can be added too, like subwoofers. Being able to feel the music as you listen to it can make anyone smile as they drive. Combining a sound system for Jeeps and an upgraded subwoofer will have everyone’s heads turning as you drive by.

American Soundbar’s soundbars for Jeep kits allow you to drive around, top off, stress free knowing that your waterproof speakers and soundbar won’t be damaged if the weather catches you by surprise. Choose a quality manufacturer like American Soundbar to get the best quality sound you want and the durability you need.

Wanting to upgrade more? American Soundbar offers more than just Jeep sound bars packages. Other upgrades you might be interested in are upgrading amplifiers and RGB lights to make a complete surround sound experience for your ride.

When you want to upgrade your sound, American Soundbar has overhead sound bars for Jeeps that will give you the sound you deserve, but that’s not all. You can achieve a whole sound experience with American Soundbar. Don’t just dream about having great sound while driving topless. Upgrade today to make it a reality.