SoundBar Speaker Packages - Kicker, JBL and American Bass

SoundBar Speaker Packages - Kicker, JBL and American Bass

Made right here in the USA, our SoundBars have been giving Jeep lovers the choice of upgrading with the highest quality and most durable products in the world. Our Jeep JL speaker upgrade products are among our most popular. Let’s take a closer look at why.

The Jeep JL – an overview

The Jeep JL is the brand’s fourth generation of its iconic Wrangler series. With a retro dash and grill, and a variety of four wheel drive systems to choose among, the JL is ideal for those that love the classic Jeep look but crave more power. That power should extend to the sound system and its multimedia touch screen, but here is where the JL falls short.

The stock speakers in the Jeep JL are small and located towards the bottom of the dash. The stock SoundBar’s speakers at the top of the dash are also smaller than expected – smaller than some previous Wrangler models. This is why the internet is full of hacks, tips and advice for getting more power and sound for your tunes, but we have the ultimate solution. Our Jeep JL speaker upgrades deliver what you’ve been looking for – and then some.

Our SoundBar Speaker Packages


KICKER is the Jeep JL speaker upgrade for those that love to off road and get soaked. KICKER is 100 percent waterproof and includes our JL/JT Jeep American SoundBar, 4 KICKER 8" marine speakers and 4 McLaren black tweeters. These speakers come with built-in RGB lights, mini tweeters and red and charcoal grills.


JBL is one of our newest packages. Where KICKER is for the drivers that love to get wet, JBL is for the music lovers that need power and high fidelity. You simply can’t beat the volume and clarity of sound with these JBL woofers. Our package combines them with our PRV super tweeters, our newest JL/JT American SoundBar®, JBL 8” selenium speakers and 4 Timpano super tweeters. When you want to be heard before you are seen, you want our JBL Jeep JL speaker upgrade package.

American Bass

It just doesn’t get any more classic than this. Our American Bass package delivers four 8” speakers and four 4” round tweeters. This is the package to choose when you need a slim fit for rear head space clearance. It’s not just for the JL either. This American Bass package also fits the rough and rugged JT Jeep Gladiator. American made and incredibly durable, this Jeep JL speaker upgrade package is customizable. Take a look at the options or give us a call for advice.

A note about our Jeep JL speaker upgrade packages

Get the most out our Jeep JL speaker upgrade packages by having a professional install your kit. Each package is shipped disassembled and is not plug and play.

When you choose American SoundBar® for your Jeep JL speaker upgrades you are choosing an all American brand that has one purpose in mind – giving you the best, most durable, highest quality SoundBars money can buy.

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