What are the Different Types of Jeep Speakers?

What are the Different Types of Jeep Speakers?

Let’s be honest – the factory speaker system in your Jeep is alright, but it could be better. There are so many options to choose from when upgrading your Jeep speakers. It can get a little confusing to figure it all out. We’ve broken down the different types of speakers for you and explain what to look for when getting started with your upgrades.

Jeep speakers come in two main categories: coaxial and component speakers. Let’s take a look at them both.

Full Range or Coaxial Speakers

Coaxial speakers, sometimes called full range speakers, combine all of the speaker elements into one. These speakers are the easiest to install since they are simple upgrades to what most vehicles come with from the factory. These types of speakers are usually available in a wide variety of prices and qualities.

Component Speakers

Component speakers use separate units for the different frequency ranges. Woofers, subwoofers, midrange speakers, and tweeters are all designed to work together. Replacing your OEM Jeep speakers with high-end component speakers will make a huge difference in the audio quality.

The main types of component speakers include:

•  Subwoofers

Subwoofers work with the bass end of your audio profile. They enhance the low end without increasing the volume. A good subwoofer will give you a rich, deep bass end that sounds incredible.

•  Midbass and Midrange Speakers

Midbass speakers focus in on the mid- to low-end of the audio spectrum while midrange speakers deal with the middle of the audio range.

•  Tweeter

A good tweeter is just as important as a good subwoofer. Tweeters focus on the high-end frequencies, and they also give clarity to those higher sounds. Voices and high-pitched instruments, like cymbals and high hats, sound much better with a good tweeter.

Upgrading Your Jeep Speakers

Upgrading your Jeep speakers to get the best possible sound starts with an OEM soundbar upgrade. This gives added volume to your system so you will be able to hear it better when the top is off. Once you’ve upgraded the OEM soundbar, upgrade the subwoofer to get an even richer and fuller sound. The subwoofer doesn’t add volume, but it does add low-end. While you’re at it, consider tacking on some extra flash with RGB ring lights to make your system look incredible.

To make upgrading your Jeep speakers easier, we have designed our website at American Soundbar to make it as simple as possible. Simply find your Jeep model, choose the kit, and select add-ons, like RGB ring lights, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Our custom soundbar kits are designed to fit perfectly into your Jeep. Our enclosures are made with 100% recycled waterproof plastic to keep your new speaker system protected from the elements.

At American Soundbar, we are proud to offer Jeep inspired, American made, precision products. Our designs are classy, yet rugged. They sound great and fit perfectly. We love Jeeps as much as you do, and we know how much Jeep speaker upgrades can enhance your ride.

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