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Jeep JK speakers upgrade.

Are you looking for the best possible upgrades to your OEM speakers? For the best sound designed perfectly for your Jeep, take a look at our Jeep JK soundbar speaker upgrades and accessories. We carry everything you need to have a great sounding and incredible looking upgraded soundbar in your Jeep. Just imagine driving your Jeep with the top down while the best beats pour out from your newly upgraded speakers!

Jeep JK Speakers Upgrade

Looking for Jeep JK speaker upgrades? American Soundbar has you covered! We carry everything you need to enhance your Jeep’s audio system including these incredibly popular Jeep JK Soundbar speaker upgrade kits:

  • The JK American SoundBar “JBL Power” Kit features high power and high fidelity. This package includes our JK American SoundBar, four JBL 8” selenium speakers and two Timpano super tweeters. The speakers in this kit are designed to knock your socks off with their power while still delivering incredibly crisp sound. 
  • Our JK American SoundBar “Kicker” Kit is perfect for the water! These marine speakers are great for all-weather driving or getting messy off-road. This kit includes our JK American SoundBar, four Kicker Marine 8” speakers and two Timpano black super tweeters. The speakers come with built-in RGB LED lights and mini tweeters and both white and charcoal grills. This kit includes the Kicker RGB controller, which is upgradable to 20 colors and 19 lighting modes with KMLC. 
  • Our JK American SoundBar “American Bass” Kit is fully loaded. It comes with a JK American SoundBar, four 8” American Bass Godfather speakers and two American Bass MX tweeters. Make sure to add at least a 4-channel amplifier to this package. 
  • The JK American SoundBar “PRV Slim” package includes our JK American SoundBar with four PRV 8” Mid Bass Bullet SLIM speakers, two super tweeters and four PRV grills. The slim design of these speakers means they can fit almost anywhere you need them to go. 


We also sell our famous JK American SoundBar enclosures without a kit so you can customize the Jeep JK SoundBar speaker upgrade setup exactly how you want it. The JK SoundBar is the original American SoundBar that started it all! These soundbars are built to precisely replace your existing OEM fit. Our enclosures have a rugged-looking Rhino-lined finish which looks great on any off-road Jeep. They are 100% waterproof and made right here in the USA. Each enclosure:

  • Fits any 4 x 8” speakers
  • Fits any 2 (up to 4”) tweeters
  • Available in black, red, white, or grey


Upgrading any Jeep JK speaker upgrade kit is easy through our full-service website. Simply select the color, then add on one of our exceptional amplifiers and a RGB LED 8” Ring Light kit to complete the package. If you have any questions about building your perfect kit, make sure to contact one of our helpful staff members.


Not only do we offer the best Jeep JK speaker upgrade kits, but we also stock an incredible selection of accessories. We carry RGB LED 8” SoundBar Ring Light kits, speaker grills, roll bar harness, antenna kits, subwoofers, portable Bluetooth speakers and a wide range of amplifiers. We’ve got everything you need to customize your ride to be everything you dreamed about.

Exceptional Quality and Service

At American SoundBar, we are proud to provide exceptional quality in all of our product lines. Our custom Jeep soundbars provide exceptional audio quality and are incredibly durable. We understand what our customers want and strive to provide them with the best possible Jeep JK speaker upgrade possible. Our team here at American SoundBar is committed to our customers. We share our love of Jeeps and great audio. Let’s get loud!