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Get a soundbar for Jeep TJ from us and enjoy the tunes on your drive, everywhere you wander.

The Jeep Wrangler TJ was the second generation of Jeep Wrangler to come out. It brought back the classic Jeep round headlights and gave drivers an amazing model that included the flexibility, mobility, and attitude that defines the Jeep experience. There’s nothing better than enjoying your Jeep on the open road or through the hills and mud; what better way to enhance your journey than with a Jeep TJ speakers upgrade? 

American SoundBar is the premier audio manufacturer and distributor of Jeep soundbars, combining American Innovation with Jeep functionality to give truly unique audio design and engineering. All our gear is crafted in the USA, with the highest quality manufacturing you can imagine to make them the most durable soundbars in the world. 

If you are looking for a soundbar for the Jeep TJ, then look no further. We have kits for all your needs, from empty enclosures you can use with your own audio equipment selection, to full kits that offer a selection of sound preferences. We also have several accessories to ensure that your sound bar installation is complete, and you have everything you need. All our speaker enclosures are made from 100% recycled highly durable plastic; are 100% waterproof; and come in red, white, or black to fit your interior. 

Our empty enclosure soundbar for Jeep TJ kit can replace your existing OEM fit with precision and features a more modernized, trendy design. Our design helps save headspace for your second row passengers and includes space for 4X Direct Loudspeakers x Tweeters Effect and fits most 8” speakers, as well as 2-4 tweeters – whichever you need. 

If you are looking for a full Jeep TJ speaker upgrade kit, then we have three to choose from. (Note that these kits come disassembled and require some audio knowledge to install. It is highly recommended that you seek an audio professional to assist with installation.) 

JBL - The TJ American Soundbar® “JBL Power” Kit is an 8” Selenium 8 Ohm Mid Bass speakers kit that will blow your top off with high power and high fidelity. Extreme loudness and super crisp sound are second to none, and the kit will include PRV super tweeters to keep up with the orange label JBL monsters. Visit the product page for full details. 

American Bass - Teaming up with American Bass, the TJ American Soundbar ® “American Bass Kit” brings the TJ Soundbar to the next level for an all American package deal. It comes with 8” shallow mid-range speakers and 4 Ohm 800W max output. You’ll get a loud and clear audio signal. It also comes with a free set of speaker grills and includes a pair of 4 Ohm, 150W Max 1” compression tweeters. 

PRV - Originally Brazilian, now headquartered in Fort Lauderdale Florida, we have teamed up with PRV to create the TJ American SoundBar® “PRV Slim” Kit. An amazing upgrade to any Jeep sound system, it includes industry leading PRV 8” PRC Mid Bass Bullet SLIM speakers, 2 Timpano chrome tweeters, and a set of grills to match. While originally built like professional midrange loudspeakers, they have been compacted down for the mobile audio market, to fit into tight spaces and handle 400W of continuous power. 

To complete your Jeep TJ speakers upgrade you will need some accessories. In order to complete the installation of our kits you will need an amplifier, and we offer a JBL Stadium 4-channel amplifier that will work perfectly with any of our kits. As well, if you choose to include an RGB LED kit with any kit, we have a Kicker RGB LED controller for those lights. If you wish, you can specially order a pre-wire for any of our kits, and we will pre-wire and drill the harness holes for your American SoundBar purchase to assist with your installation. This includes pre-wiring speakers, tweeters, and installing RGB kits if that is included in your order. Our product service page has more details. 

If you are out on adventures in the dirt and mud with your Jeep TJ, why just settle for the base audio system when you could soundtrack your adventures with an all USA-made American Soundbar audio system kit for your Jeep? Get a soundbar for Jeep TJ from us and enjoy the tunes on your drive, everywhere you wander.