American SoundBar®: Our New RGB Ring Light Kit

American SoundBar®: Our New RGB Ring Light Kit

Have you heard the good news? It’s finally here! The American SoundBar® RGB LED ring light kit is ready for purchase and, unlike many of our other kits and packages, this one is plug and play. Buy, install, enjoy. It’s that easy to take your ride from standard to amazing. When you are on the hunt for Sound Bars for Jeep Wrangler, this kit should be a priority. Let’s take a closer look!

What’s included?

The RGB LED ring light kit comes with four 8” RGB ring lights and one Bluetooth controller. The controller lets you adjust the fade, brightness, strobe and color, giving you the ultimate control to show off your personal style. You don’t even have to be in the vehicle to make those lights dance the way you want; control the LED display from up to 50 feet away.

Get the most out of this kit with even more SoundBars for Jeep Wranger add-ons. Why not consider our extremely popular American Bass kit? For one affordable price American Bass gives you a fully loaded kit with our premium SoundBar, four 8” Godfather speakers, and two MX tweeters. You do need a 4-channel amplifier to power the bar, but if you don’t have one, we sell those too.

American Bass not quite right? Then maybe it’s the JBL Sound Bars for Jeep Wrangler you are after. This is the package to choose when your biggest demand from your sound system is: “be loud.” The JBL is overloaded to give you the high volume you deserve, without ever sacrificing the clarity and fidelity you demand. This kit is a perfect match for our new RGB LED ring lights. Make a statement with a JK American SoundBar®, four 8 inch bass Godftaher speakers and two American Bass MX tweeters.

Ring Light Plug and Play

We know you just can’t wait to get those lights up and shining, so we’ve included a QR code application to help you quickly install the package. However, our American SoundBar® kits come disassembled. Unless you have experience in audio installation, we highly recommend having our other kits installed by a qualified technician.

Why American SoundBar®?

We can’t say enough good things about Jeep – unless we are talking about the stock/factory sound system. The volume and clarity of the stock system have long been an issue for Jeep drivers that want powerful sound to match their powerful ride. American SoundBar® provides a variety of options to customize your Jeep and a few flashy extras like lights. Our complete kits and customizations are proudly made right here in America. We promise you the highest quality and most durable products. Visit our website today to learn more.

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