How to Pick the Perfect Jeep Gladiator Subwoofer Box

One of the joys of driving a Jeep is the open-air feel: the drive with the windows down and the music blasting. For many, their Jeep is the place to listen to their favorite music while heading out on an adventure. If you own a Gladiator and want that booming bass for your drives, then you’ll need a Jeep Gladiator subwoofer box.

The right enclosure can amplify your subwoofers for better sound and higher volumes. Plus, it can protect your vehicle and sound system from mechanical damage. Here are a few quick tips to help your find a Jeep Gladiator subwoofer box that suits you and your vehicle.

Grab a Tape Measurer

The first thing you’ll want to do when looking for a Jeep Gladiator subwoofer box is to actually measure the space and subwoofer. Getting a snug, perfect fit is key. If the box is too small, then the subwoofer simply won’t fit or will rattle around wherever you place it. If it’s too big, it either won’t fit in your Jeep or the subwoofer will move around too much, which could damage it. In any case, getting the perfect fit is the first thing to consider when looking for a subwoofer box.

Think About Capacity

The primary purpose of any Jeep Gladiator subwoofer box is to contain the vibrations of your subwoofer to protect everything from mechanical failures. If you get a box that can’t handle the vibrations, then the box is essentially useless. That’s why looking into the power capacity of your next subwoofer enclosure is key.

Some enclosures are designed to hold a lot of power. Others are designed for smaller subwoofers. You’ll need a subwoofer box that is built to contain all the power of your subwoofer. Most boxes will list their expected capacity on the box. Check your subwoofer for its power (usually in watts) and ohms. Between those two numbers, you can find the perfect Jeep Gladiator subwoofer box for your needs.

Think about Ported vs Sealed

Broadly, there are two types of subwoofer enclosures: sealed and ported. These two styles offer distinct benefits, depending on your system, vehicle, and specific subwoofer.

Sealed subwoofer enclosures choose accurate sound over volume. This is the choice for people who want to get the most accurate sound they can in their vehicle. They work by completely enclosing the subwoofer in a sealed environment. This dampens the sound somewhat while working to eliminate any potential rattling, which leads to lower bass but at slightly lower volumes.

Ported, or vented, enclosures choose volume over all else. They are specially designed to basically create a “pipe organ” effect, which funnels and amplifies the sound through the enclosure itself. This is the choice for anyone who wants their Jeep to rattle with loud bass.

Finding the Right Jeep Gladiator Subwoofer Box

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