What to Look for in Jeep Speakers

There’s nothing quite like the pride that Jeep owners have in their vehicles. Jeeps are some of the most accessorized vehicles around. There really is no end to the upgrades that can be made, but the most enjoyable and impressive upgrades are when the speakers get a boost. Jeep speakers come in a wide variety, so how can you tell what to look for in a great set? Here are a few tips to get you on your way to impressive sound in your Jeep.

Choosing the best Jeep Speakers

Your uniquely powerful and incredibly durable vehicle is best matched with gorgeous sounding speakers. Investing in an awesome set of speakers will really increase your enjoyment of your Jeep. Just imagine yourself bombing around with your favorite music sounding great. There’s nothing better!

When you are looking for the best speakers for your jeep, there are key specs that you need to keep in mind.

• Power Handling

When you are comparing speakers, make sure power is one of the elements that you are considering. Have you ever ruined speakers because you turned them up too high? That’s because you exceeded their power handling. Look at the peak power handling and RMS power handling of any Jeep speakers that you are considering.

• Sensitivity

Speaker sensitivity is measured in decibels, which is often written as dB in speaker specs. The decibels indicate how loud the speakers can get.

• Size

Make sure the physical measurements of any speakers you are considering will fit properly in your Jeep. Consider both the diameter and mounting depth. The best way to ensure your Jeep’s speakers will fit perfectly and look incredible is to install a custom soundbar like the ones available at American Soundbar.

• Waterproof

Do you find yourself bombing through water or driving in a lot of rain in your naked Jeep? If so, make sure you choose a marine speaker system, otherwise you’ll end up with an expensive speaker system that is burned out from water exposure. Water-safe speakers will be clearly labeled as “100% waterproof” or “marine speakers.”

• Add-Ons

Once you find some great-sounding options for your Jeep speakers, make sure you take a look at some of the extras that are available. Built-in RGB speaker lights make your whole set-up look great. American Soundbar has controllers that are upgradable to 20 colors and 19 lighting modes.

You can also find cool accessories, like portable subwoofers that are super easy to use, and you can take them with you when you park your Jeep.

Always Choose High Quality Enclosures

When you are shopping for great Jeep speakers, don’t forget to invest in high quality enclosures. They should be incredibly durable and should look great. Your rugged Jeep needs an equally rugged enclosure for your new speaker set.

For the best selection of Jeep speakers, enclosures, and accessories, check out American Soundbar. We take pride in our extensive selection of custom soundbar kits. Kick up your Jeep’s impact by installing American Soundbar’s incredible additions.

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