Wavtech Link 2 Line Output Converter & Link LD

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Highly Recommended for Jeep JL & JT Factory Head Units

Your aftermarket processors and amplifiers need clean and robust line-level input signals, especially when getting them from a factory radio's speaker outputs. Wāvtech's link2 line output converter can produce up to 10 volts of output — plenty enough for your aftermarket gear to work with. 

Includes- Link LD in-line parallel load resistance.

Product highlights:

  • active 2-channel line output converter
  • designed to work with factory systems
  • provides up to 10Vrms output
  • speaker-level inputs only
    • selectable speaker-level input sensitivity (20V or 40V) via internal jumper
  • auto turn-on via DC offset or audio detect
  • gain control and clip light