How Do I Choose the Right Sound Bar for my Jeep?

One of the best parts of a Jeep is the immersive experience you can get by adding a quality soundtrack to your favorite off road activities. Whether you're looking for the best sound clarity, the highest volume, or the heaviest bass, any Jeep owner will tell you that factory stereos just don't make the cut. So, if you're looking to upgrade your sound system, here are some tips in what to look for in a soundbar for your Jeep TJ.

Don't Just Upgrade Factory Speakers

While the cheapest option might be to just pull out your factory speakers and replace them with some new ones, you'll be selling yourself short with this option. Your options for speakers in this case will be much more limited in size and volume and not really let you customize your Jeep to reach your perfect sound.

It's strongly recommended that you install an aftermarket soundbar for Jeep system. This will allow you the most customizable option that works for you both in sound quality and in durability. Depending on how off-road you tend to go with your Jeep, you need something strong and secure to keep your speakers and sound steady and safe.

Consider HOW You Use Your Jeep

What you plan to do with your Jeep will play a big part in considering a soundbar, and your speaker system as a whole.

One important thing to consider is how often you plan to have your Jeep's top off or on, as this may affect where you want to install it. Soundbars for Jeeps are typically installed behind the driver and passenger seats, but some people prefer to install it at the rear of their roll cage instead. Your top on/off choice will also influence your speaker choice, so once again it's important to choose a soundbar that can accommodate your speaker decisions.

Some Other Basics to Remember

If you are a top-off person, you may want to consider waterproof speakers. Whether you're worried about a little bit of rain while you and your friends are at the beach, or you're off-roading and worried about splashes from trails and puddles, nothing kills the vibe than frying your speakers due to water.

Also remember that subwoofers are only for bass. Bass is great when you want to literally feel your playlist as you drive, but subwoofers won't actually make your sound volume louder. Think of the subwoofer as the sound “enhancer.”

Lastly, whenever you're considering a soundbar for Jeep installation, make sure that it fits before you buy it. It would be really frustrating to purchase a soundbar and find that it doesn't fit your make and model. Most dealers will very helpfully tell you which of their aftermarket parts are designed for your Jeep’s make and model.

Tune into American Soundbar

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